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Our Vision

We aim to provide exceptional and high quality services to our participants to live a good life based on their individual goals.

About Us

Complete Care Disability Services are a boutique service provider which enables us to personalise our service, based in Redcliffe, Queensland.

At Complete Care Disability Services we put you first and aim to create opportunity, promote independence, and support you to reach your goals in  a safe, non-discriminatory environment. 

Our support workers have all the relevant qualifications and necessary levels of experience. While NDIS Service Standards are met strictly, we believe that showing empathy and compassion for the participants we support is key to their well being.

Our main goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities to enable them to enjoy all the joys and successes that life offers people of all abilities. We want to bridge the gaps as they become apparent and adapt to the changing needs as life presents them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support specific to every individual - physical and emotional - empowering you to achieve your goals and fulfill your aspirations, no matter which obstacles present themselves. 



We will listen to you and hear what you say. We will encourage independence and respect your decisions, opinions and views.


We will be trustworthy, tell the truth and keep our commitment to you. We will strive to provide the highest quality service we can.


We believe that privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance for you and for your support network.


We will identify where we can develop and enhance our services. We will always strive to improve our support and uphold the NDIS standards, with your feedback. 


We will focus on maintaining a positive work environment that provides support, guidance, acceptance and harmony for all.

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Complete Care Disability Services
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